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Genome-wide Transcription Factor DNA Binding Sites and Gene Regulatory Networks in Clostridium thermocellum Chou, Katherine, Hebdon, Skyler, and Gerritsen, Alida.  Frontiers in Microbiology 2021
Quantitative trait locus mapping combined with variant and transcriptome analyses identifies a cluster of gene candidates underlying the variation in leaf wax between upland and lowland switchgrass ecotypes Peng Qi,Thomas H. Pendergast IV · Alex Johnson,Bochra A. Bahri,Soyeon Choi,Ali Missaoui,Katrien M. Devos Theoretical and Applied Genetics 2021
Elucidating the mechanisms of enhanced lignin bioconversion by an alkali sterilization strategy Zhi-Min Zhao, Shuyang Zhang, Xianzhi Meng, Yunqiao Pu, Zhi-Hua Liu, William K. Ledford, S. Michael Kilbey, II, Bing-Zhi Li  and Arthur J. Ragauskas Green Chemistry 2021
Growth?defense trade?offs and yield loss in plants with engineered cell walls Chan Man Ha, Xiaolan Rao, Garima Saxena and Richard A. Dixon New Phytologist 2021
AtFUT4 and AtFUT6 Are Arabinofuranose-Specific Fucosyltransferases Maria J. Soto, Pradeep Kumar Prabhakar, Hsin-Tzu Wang, Jason Backe, Digantkumar Chapla, Max Bartetzko, Ian M. Black, Parastoo Azadi, Maria J. Peña, Fabian Pfrengle, Kelley W. Moremen, Breeanna R. Urbanowicz and Michael G. Hahn Frontiers in Plant Science 2021
Insights into the dual cleavage activity of the GH16 laminarinase enzyme class on ?-1,3 and ?-1,4 glycosidic bonds Marcelo V. Liberato*, Erica T. Prates*, Thiago A. Gonçalves, Amanda Bernardes, Nathalia Vilela, Juliana Fattori, Gabriela C. Ematsu, Mariana Chignalia, Emerson R. M. Gomes, Ana Carolina M. Figueira, Andre Damasio, Igor Polikarpov, Munir S. Skaf, Fabio M. Squina JBC 2021
Recent Advances in Synthesis and Application of Lignin Nanoparticles Xianzhi Meng,  Mandeep Poonia,  Chang Geun Yoo,  and Arthur J. Ragauskas Lignin Utilization Strategies: From Processing to Applications 2021
Accurate Determination of Genotypic Variance of Cell Wall Characteristics of a Populus trichocarpa Pedigree Using High-Throughput Pyrolysis-Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry Anne Elizabeth Harman-Ware, David Macaya-Sans, Chanaka Roshan Abeyratne, Crissa Doeppke, Kathleen Haiby, Gerald A. Tuskan, Brian Stanton, Stephen P. DiFazio, Mark F. Davis Biotechnology for Biofuels 2021
Towards engineering ectomycorrhization into switchgrass bioenergy crops via a lectin receptor-like kinase Zhenzhen Qiao, Timothy B. Yates, Him K. Shrestha, Nancy L. Engle, Amy Flanagan, Jennifer L. Morrell-Falvey, Yali Sun, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Paul E. Abraham, Jessy Labbé, Zeng-Yu Wang, Robert L. Hettich, Gerald A. Tuskan, Wellington Muchero, Jin-Gui Chen Plant Biotechnology Journal  2021
Transcriptome and Degradome Profiling Reveals a Role of miR530 in the Circadian Regulation of Gene Expression in Kalanchoe marnieriana Zhikang Hu, Ziyan Nye, Chao Yan, Hu Huang, Xianjin Ma, Yupeng Wang, Ning Ye, Gerald Tuskan, Xiaohan Yang, Hengfu Yin Cells 2021
Integrative genomics reveals paths to sex dimorphism in Salix purpurea L. Brennan Hyden, Craig H. Carlson, Fred E. Gouker, Jeremy Schmutz, Kerrie Barry, Anna Lipzen, Aditi Sharma, Laura Sandor, Gerald A. Tuskan, Guanqiao Feng, Matthew S. Olson, Stephen P. DiFazio, Lawrence B. Smart Horticulture Research 2021
Co-expression of a ?-d-xylosidase from Thermotoga maritima and a Family 10 xylanase from A. cellulolyticus significantly improves the xylan degrading activity of the Caldicellulosiruptor bescii exoproteome Sun-Ki Kim, Minseok Cha, Michael E. Himmel, Yannick J. Bomble and Janet Westpheling Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2021
Revisiting “Additional Carbon”: Tracking Atmosphere–Ecosystem Carbon Exchange to Establish Mitigation and Negative Emissions From Bio-Based Systems John Field Frontiers in Climate 2021
Identification and characterization of proteins of unknown function (PUFs) in Clostridium thermocellum DSM 1313 strains as potential genetic engineering targets Suresh Poudel, Alexander L. Cope, Kaela O’Dell, Adam M. Guss, Hyeongmin Seo, Cong T. Trinh, and Robert L. Hettich Biotechnology for Biofuels 2021
Identification, Expression, and Interaction Analysis of Ovate Family Proteins in Populus trichocarpa Reveals a Role of PtOFP1 Regulating Drought Stress Response Wang H, Chen J-G and Chang Y Frontiers in Plant Science 2021
Chapter 7 – CRISPR-based tools for microbial cell factories Rongming Liu, Liya Liang, Sean Stettner, Emily Freed, Carrie Eckert Microbial Cell Factories Engineering for Production of Biomolecules 2021
Structural and functional analysis of lignostilbene dioxygenases from Sphingobium sp. SYK-6 Kuatsjah, Chan, Katahira, Haugen, Beckham, Murphy, Ellis Journal of Biological Chemistry 2021
Iron incorporation both intra- and extra-cellularly improves the yield and saccharification of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) biomass hien-Yuan Lin, Hui Wei, Bryon S. Donohoe, Haibing Yang, Manal Yunes, Nicholas S. Sarai, Todd Shollenberger, Yannick J Bomble, Stephen R. Decker, Melvin P. Tucker and Michael E. Himmel, Biotechnology for Biofuels 2021
Metabolism of syringyl lignin-derived compounds in Pseudomonas putida enables convergent production of 2-pyrone-4,6-dicarboxylic acid Sandra Notonier, Allison Z.Werner, Eugene Kuatsjah Linda Dumalo Paul E. Abraham E. Anne Hatmaker Caroline B.Hoyt Antonella Amorea Kelsey J.Ramirez Sean P.Woodworth Dawn M.Klingeman Richard J. Giannone Adam M.Guss Robert L.Hettich Lindsay D.Eltis Christopher W.Johnson Gregg T. Beckham Metabolic Engineering 2021
Improved node culture methods for rapid vegetative propagation of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Wang, Y., Dong, W., Saha, M.C., Udvardi, M.K. & Kang Y BMC Plant Biology 2021

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