Whole genome resequencing data from a collection of Clostridium Thermocellum strains

Daniel Olson, Ambarish Nag, Struan Clark, Stanton Martin


sPta717 Variant DB

CJ Tsai


Corresponding Standard Reference Material Data used in Partial Least Squares Regression Models for Sugar Composition Estimates in Biomass in: Economic Impact of Yield and Composition Variation in Bioenergy Crops: Populus trichocarpa

Renee Happs


Genome-wide Transcription Factor DNA Binding Sites and Gene Regulatory Networks in Clostridium thermocellum

Katherine Chou


Data and statistical analysis scripts for manuscript on switchgrass roots in nitrogen and water stresses

Larry York



Root image collection from a genotype by environment (GxE) root architecture study of the bioenergy species, Populus trichocarpa

Udaya Kalluri


Populus Trichocarpa Common Garden Genotypes

Stanton Martin


Sustainability Trait Modeling of Field-Grown Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Using UAV-Based Imagery

Yaping Xu


GWAS Dataset

Tuskan, Gerald, Muchero, Wellington, Chen, Jin-Gui, Jacobson, Daniel, Tschaplinski, Timothy, Rokhsar, Daniel, Schackwitz, Wendy, Schmutz, Jeremy, DiFazio, Stephen



2022AugustZSM-5 Modifications Enhance Liquid Hydrocarbon Yields and Carbon Numbers for Jet Fuel Produced from Biologically Derived Alcohols
2022AugustCosolvent Enhanced Lignocellulosic Fractionation Tailoring Lignin Chemistry to Enhance Lignin Bioconversion
2022AugustLaccase Specificity Determines Lignin Composition
2022JulyLignin Pathway Modifications in a Model Grass Show Central Role of Ammonia Lyases in Carbon and Nitrogen Allocation
2022JulyCu-La/Beta – Bifunctional Zeolitic Catalyst for One step Ethanol Conversion to Hexene and Octene rich Olefins
2022JulyButanol or Isobutanol as a Value-added Fuel Additive to Inhibit Microbial Degradation of Stored Gasoline
2022JulyBiocatalytically Synthesized Xylans Self assemble into Microparticles with Tunable Properties
2022JuneArt Ragauskas receives Environment Prize from Royal Society of Chemistry
2022JuneProteome Reallocation Enables the Selective de novo Biosynthesis of Non-Linear, Branched-Chain Acetate Esters
2022JuneVapor-Phase Pyrolysis Screening Links Feedstock Type to Performance in Catalytic Upgrading to Generate Renewable Aromatic Products
2022AprilDemonstration of an In-Silico Approach for the Broad Screening of Carbohydrate Active EnZyme Capacities in Microbiome Bioreactors
2022AprilRhamnogalacturonan I (RG-I) A Target for Improving Solubilization of Poplar Biomass by Clostridium thermocellum
2022AprilDeep Rooting in Switchgrass for Greater Nitrogen Uptake
2022MarchDiverse Aromatic-catabolic Enzymes are Reviewed for Lignin Valorization
2022MarchHarnessing Natural Diversity of Enzymes to Improve Metabolic Flux
2022MarchRooting for Success across the Bioenergy Research Centers
2022FebruaryMultiple Arabidopsis galacturonosyltransferases play a role in the synthesize polymeric homogalacturonans
2022FebruaryMeasuring plant roots is for everyone: RhizoVision Explorer
2022FebruaryUnusually high tricin lignin levels found in Vanilla planifolia aerial roots
2022JanuaryIncreased Lactate Tolerance of Clostridium thermocellum
2022JanuaryAlternation of KNAT7 transcription factory expression in poplar changes cell wall characteristics and increases saccharification efficiency
2022JanuaryProtoplast fusion in Bacillus species produces frequent, unbiased, genome-wide homologous recombination to create a diverse library
2021DecemberHybrid Biological/Catalytic Processes Are Advantageous for Cellulosic Biofuels
2021DecemberControlling Selectivity of Modular Microbial Biosynthesis of Butyryl-CoA-Derived Designer Esters
2021NovemberResearch Highlighted on the Cover of Journal of Physical Chemistry
2021NovemberBarriers and Solutions for Genetic Tool Development for Rapid Domestication of Non model Microorganisms
2021NovemberA Gene-Editing Strategy for Overcoming Growth Defects in Plants with Engineered Cell Walls
2021NovemberInter-BRC Report on Frontiers and Opportunities in Bioenergy Crop Microbiome Research Networks
2021OctoberSerendipita Fungi Modulate the Switchgrass Root Transcriptome to Circumvent Host Defenses and Establish a Symbiotic Relationship
2021OctoberDynamic Changes in the Populus Leaf Proteome Revealed Across a Diurnal Period
2021SeptemberA High Throughput Screening Platform Probes Enzymes for Designer Ester Biosynthesis
2021SeptemberRational Enzyme Design for Controlled Functionalization of Acetylated Xylan
2021SeptemberGraduate student awarded “Best Student Poster” at Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Annual Meeting
2021AugustBioresource Technology Article Awards 2020 Presented at BIORESTEC 2021
2021AugustRecent Metabolic Modeling Advanced by Leveraging Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics and Kinetics with Constraint and Machine Learning based Methods
2021AugustComputational Design and Analysis of Modular Cells for Large Libraries of Exchangeable Product Synthesis Modules
2021JulyElucidating the Mechanisms of Enhanced Lignin Bioconversion by an Alkali Sterilization Strategy
2021JulyAn Integrated Experimental/Informatic Approach to Characterize Proteins of Unknown Function (PUFs) in Bioenergy-Relevant Microbes
2021JuneAdvances and Application of CRISPR Cas Systems and Protein Engineering
2021JuneCross-National Analysis of Food Security Drivers
2021JuneEngineering Promiscuity of Chloramphenicol Acetyltransferase for Microbial Designer Ester Biosynthesis
2021MayVirtual Early Career Appointee at CBI Anne “Liz” Ware
2021MayCharacterization of aromatic acid/proton symporters in P. putida KT2440 may allow more efficient microbial conversion of lignin related aromatics
2021MayMetabolic Fluxes of Nitrogen and Pyrophosphate in Chemostat Cultures of C. thermocellum and T. saccharolyticum may control excess amino acids
2021MayWater movement can supply motive force for chain entanglement between pectin chains and films
2021AprilGuidelines for Performing Lignin-first Biorefining
2021AprilCytochromes P450 are effective biocatalysts for aromatic Odemethylation of alkylguaiacol substrates from lignin first biorefining
2021AprilEngineering of a CO2 fixing gene from desert plant Agave improves both plant growth and stress tolerance
2021MarchLignin Utilization Strategies: From Processing to Applications
2021March2021 DOE Genomic Sciences Program Annual Principal Investigator (PI) Meeting, Feb. 22-24, 2021
2021MarchEconomic Potential for Eucalyptus Production for Jet Fuel Additives in the U.S.
2021MarchSucrose Trafficking and Water Use in Poplar is Modulated by a Key Transporter
2021FebruaryAdaptive Evolution of Pseudomonas PutidaKT2440 Improves Aromatic Catabolism and Tolerance
2021FebruaryA Novel Laccase Enzyme Facilitates Engineering of C-lignin
2021FebruaryBioFPRJournal Cover “Economic Impact of Yield and Composition Variation in Bioenergy Crops: Populus Trichocarpa”
2021JanuaryCombined Analytics and Modeling Probing Polymer-Polymer Interactions Within Secondary Cell Walls Leads to Better Structural Insights
2021JanuaryEnzymatic Synthesis of Artificial Polysaccharides Leads to New Biomaterials
2021JanuaryImpacts of Lignin Structures on the Lignin-grafted Polycaprolactone Copolymer, a New Biomaterial