Bioenergy for a cleaner, greener bioeconomy

Enzyme discovery fast-tracks bioengineering of designer esters for biofuels

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John Field: Modeling ecosystems to combat climate change


New enzyme breaks down waste for less expensive biofuels, bioproducts



CBI is a multidisciplinary center. We have broad and challenging scientific goals. We strongly believe that the only way to achieve these goals is by the inclusion of multiple viewpoints – scientific as well as personal. This is accomplished by creating an environment that values all staff for the uniqueness they bring. This center-wide commitment to the value of diversity and inclusion is in addition to each of our partner institutions’ explicit non-discrimination policies.

Sustainability Goals

To increase feedstock sustainability by harnessing natural diversity and beneficial plant-microbe interactions to achieve efficient enhanced water and nutrient utilization, and improved microbial interactions.

Feedstock Development

Rational design of biomass feedstocks for biofuel and bioproduct production, and Biomass yield and uniformity.

Deconstruction and Separation

Eliminate the economic impediments related to thermochemical pretreatment and added enzymes through advancement of biomass deconstruction systems.

Conversion to Specialty Biofuels and Bioproducts

Advanced fuels and lignin valorization through new and improved microbial platforms.

Supported by the DOE Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research