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Date Published Publication Title Authors
2020-11-12 The Journal of Physical Chemistry B The catalytic mechanism of aryl-ether bond cleavage in lignin by LigF and LigG Teixeira Prates, E., Crowley, M.F., Skaf, M.S., and Beckham, G.T.
2020-10-25 Bioresources Physicochemical changes of cellulose and their influences on Populus trichocarpa digestibility after different pretreatments Yao, L., Yoo, C-G., Pu, Y., Meng, X., Muchero, W., Tuskan, G.A., Tschaplinski, T.J., Ragauskas, A.J., and Yang, H.
2020-10-01 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Mechanistic Insight into Lignin Slow Pyrolysis by Linking Pyrolysis Chemistry and Carbon Material Properties Wenqi Li, Namal Wanninayake, Xin Gao, Mi Li, Yunqiao Pu, Doo-Young Kim, Arthur J. Ragauskas, and Jian Shi
2020-09-28 Appl Environ Microbiol Deletion of a Peptidylprolyl Isomerase Results in the Inability of Caldicellulosiruptor besciito Grow on Crystalline Cellulose without Affecting Protein Glycosylation Jordan F. Russell, Matthew L. Russo, Xuewen Wang, Neal Hengge, Daehwan Chung, Lance Wells, Yannick J. Bomble, Janet Westpheling
2020-09-28 Ecology and Evolution Host plant genetic control of associated fungal and insect species in a Populus hybrid cross Sandra J. Simon, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Jared M. LeBoldus, Ken Keefover‐Ring, Muhammad Azeem, Jin‐Gui Chen, David Macaya‐Sanz, William L. MacDonald, Wellington Muchero, Stephen P. DiFazio
2020-09-27 Applied and Environmental Microbiology Metabolic fluxes of nitrogen and pyrophosphate in chemostat cultures of Clostridium thermocellum and Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum Evert K. Holwerda, Jilai Zhou, Shuen Hon, David M. Stevenson, Daniel AmadorNoguez, Lee R. Lynd, Johannes P. van Dijken
2020-09-27 Environmental Biology Serendipita bescii promotes winter wheat growth and modulates host root transcriptome under phosphorus and nitrogen starvation Prasun Ray, Yingqing Guo, Myoung‐Hwan Chi, Nick Krom, Malay C. Saha, Kelly D. Craven
2020-09-27 Frontiers in Plant Science Pectin Synthesis and Pollen Tube Growth in Arabidopsis Involves Three GAUT1 Golgi-Anchoring Proteins: GAUT5, GAUT6, and GAUT7 Christian Have Lund, Anne Stenbæk, Melani A. Atmodjo, Randi Engelberth Rasmussen, Isabel E. Moller, Simon Matthé Erstad, Ajaya Kumar Biswal, Debra Mohnen, Jozef Mravec, Yumiko Sakuragi
2020-09-27 Plant Direct Defoliation-induced compensatory transpiration is compromised in SUT4-RNAi Populus Scott A. Harding, Christopher J. Frost, Chung‐Jui Tsai
2020-09-22 Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal Computational biophysical characterization of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binding with the ACE2 receptor and implications for infectivity Ratul Chowdhury, Veda Sheersh Boorla, and Costas D. Maranas
2020-09-22 Cell Press - Structure IPRO+/−: Computational Protein Design Tool Allowing for Insertions and Deletions+C236 Ratul Chowdhury, Matthew J. Grisewood, Veda Sheersh Boorla, Qiang Yan, Brian F. Pfleger, Costas D. Maranas
2020-09-22 biorxiv De novo design of high-affinity antibody variable regions (Fv) against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein Veda Sheersh Boorla, Ratul Chowdhury, Costas D. Maranas
2020-09-22 Nature Microbiology Bacterial colonization reprograms the neonatal gut metabolome Kyle Bittinger, Chunyu Zhao, Yun Li, Eileen Ford, Elliot S. Friedman, Josephine Ni, Chiraag V. Kulkarni, Jingwei Cai, Yuan Tian, Qing Liu, Andrew D. Patterson, Debolina Sarkar, Siu H. J. Chan, Costas Maranas, Anumita Saha-Shah, Peder Lund, Benjamin A. Gar
2020-09-21 GCB Bioenergy Genome-wide QTL detection for biofuel traits in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Shahjahan Ali, Desalegn D. Serba, Dennis Walker, Jerry Jenkins, Jeremy Schmutz, Suresh Bhamidimarri, Malay C. Saha
2020-09-16 BioDesign Research Reconfiguring Plant Metabolism for Biodegradable Plastic Production Haiwei Lu, Guoliang Yuan, Steven H. Strauss, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Gerald A. Tuskan, Jin-Gui Chen, Xiaohan Yang
2020-09-10 Frontiers Bioengineering and Biotechnology Development of an updated genome-scale metabolic model of Clostridium thermocellum and its application for integration of multi-omics datasets and modular cell design Sergio Garcia, R. Adam Thompson, Richard J. Giannone, Satyakam Dash, Costas D. Maranas, Cong T. Trinh
2020-08-31 PNAS Robust paths to net greenhouse gas mitigation and negative emissions via advanced biofuels John L. Field, Tom L. Richard, Erica A. H. Smithwick, Hao Cai, Mark S. Laser, David S. LeBauer, Stephen P. Longh, Keith Paustiana, Zhangcai Qine, John J. Sheehann, Pete Smith, Michael Q. Wang, Lee R. Lynd
2020-08-31 Frontiers in Plant Science Genome-Wide Association Study of Wood Anatomical and Morphological Traits in Populus trichocarpa Hari B. Chhetri, Anna Furches, David Macaya-Sanz, Alejandro R. Walker, David Kainer, Piet Jones, Anne E. Harman-Ware, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Daniel Jacobson, Gerald A. Tuskan, Stephen P. DiFazio
2020-08-31 ChemSusChem Emerging Strategies for Modifying Lignin Chemistry to Enhance Biological Lignin Valorization Zhi-Min Zhao, Zhi-Hua Liu, Yunqiao Pu, Xianzhi Meng, Jifei Xu, Joshua S. Yuan, Arthur J. Ragauskas
2020-08-28 Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering Metabolic flux analysis reaching genome wide coverage: lessons learned and future perspectives Hendry, J.I., Dinh, H.V., Foster, C., Gopalakrishnan, S., Wang, L., Maranas, C.D.
2020-08-26 BMC Plant Biology QTL mapping of winter dormancy and associated traits in two switchgrass pseudo-F1 populations: lowland x lowland and lowland x upland Rasyidah Mohamad, Razar, Ali Missaoui
2020-08-26 GCB Bioenergy 21st‐century biogeochemical modeling: Challenges for Century‐based models and where do we go from here? Danielle Berardi, Edward Brzostek, Elena Blanc-Betes, Brian Davison, Evan H. DeLucia, Melannie D. Hartman, Jeffrey Kent, William J. Parton, Debasish Saha, Tara W. Hudiburg
2020-08-06 Metabolic Pathway Engineering  Methods for Metabolic Engineering of Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum Hon, S., Tian, L., Zheng, T., Cui, J., Lynd, L.R., Olson, D.G.
2020-08-04 mSystems Plant Hosts Modify Belowground Microbial Community Response to Extreme Drought "Veach A.M., Chen H., Yang Z.K., Labbe A.D., Engle N.L., Tschaplinski T.J., Schadt C.W., Cregger M.A."
2020-07-30 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Virtual Special Issue on Recent Advances in Biomass Characterization and Modeling Ragauskas, A.J., Meng, X.
2020-07-30 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Enzymatic Synthesis of Artificial Polysaccharides for Materials Applications Smith, P.J., Ortiz-Soto, M.E., Roth, C., Barnes, W.J., Seibel, J., Urbanowicz, B.R., Pfrengle, F.
2020-07-28 New Phytologist Arabidopsis C‐terminal Binding Protein ANGUSTIFOLIA modulates transcriptional co‐regulation of MYB46 and WRKY33 Xie, M., Zhang, J., Yao, T., Bryan, A.C., Pu, Y., Labbé, J., Pelletier, D.A., Engle, N., Morrell‐Falvey, J.L., Schmutz, J., Ragauskas, A.J., Tschaplinski, T.J., Chen, F., Tuskan, G.A., Muchero, W. and Chen, J.‐G.
2020-07-28 PNAS Deconstruction of biomass enabled by local demixing of cosolvents at cellulose and lignin surfaces Pingali, S.V., Smith, M.D., Liu, S.H., Rawal, T.B., Pu, Y., Shah, R., Evans B.R., Urban, V.S., Davison, B.H., Cai, C.M., Ragauskas, A.J., O’Neill, H.M, Smith, J.C., Petridis, L.
2020-07-28 Genes Sequencing and Analysis of the Sex Determination Region of Populus trichocarpa Zhou, R., Macaya-Sanz, D., Schmutz, J., Jenkins, J.W., Tuskan, G.A., DiFazio, S.P.
2020-07-09 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering Employing Escherichia coli for C2–C6 Bioalcohol Production Liang L., Liu R., Freed, E.F., Eckert, C.A.
2020-07-07 Microbiology Resource Announcements Methylome and Complete Genome Sequence of Parageobacillus toebii DSM 14590T, a Thermophilic Bacterium Hatmaker, E.A., O’Dell, K.B., Riley, L.A., Payne, I.C., Guss, A.M.
2020-07-07 Frontiers in Energy Research Effects of CELF pretreatment severity on lignin structure and the lignin-polyurethane composites properties Wang, Y.Y., Sengupta, P., Scheidemantle, B., Pu, Y., Wyman, C.E., Cai, C.M., Ragauskas, A.J.
2020-06-24 BioDesign Research Plant Biosystems Design for a Carbon-Neutral Bioeconomy Kalluri, U.C., Yang, X., Wullschleger, S.D.
2020-06-23 Frontiers in Plant Science Silencing folylpolyglutamate synthetase1 (FPGS1) in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) improves lignocellulosic biofuel production Mazarei, M., Baxter, H.L., Srivastava, A., Li, G., Xie, H., Dumitrache, A., Rodriguez, M., Jr., Natzke, J.M., Zhang, J-Y., Turner, G.B., Sykes, R.W., Davis, M.F., Udvardi, M.K., Wang, Z-Y., Davison, B.H., Blancaflor, E.B., Tang, Y., Stewart, C.N., Jr.
2020-06-22 BioEnergy Research Natural Variation in Lignin and Pectin Biosynthesis-Related Genes in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) and Association of SNP Variants with Dry Matter Traits Bahri, B.A., Daverdin, G., Xu, X. et al.
2020-06-22 AIChE Journal Challenges of cultivated meat production and applications of genome‐scale metabolic modeling Suthers, P.F., Maranas, C.D.
2020-06-22 Plant Physiology Compensatory guaiacyl lignin biosynthesis at the expense of syringyl lignin in 4CL1-knockout poplar Tsai C.J., Xu, P., Xue L.J., Hu, H., Nyamdari, B., Naran, R., Zhou, X., Goeminne, G., Gao, R., Gjersing, E., Dahlen, J., Pattathil, S., Hahn, M.G., Davis, M.F., Ralph, J., Boerjan, W., Harding, S.A.
2020-06-22 Green Chemistry A biomass pretreatment using cellulose-derived solvent Cyrene Meng, X., Pu, Y., Li, M., Ragauskas, A.J.
2020-06-17 Under review - Biotechnology for Biofuels Accurate Determination of Genotypic Variance of Cell Wall Characteristics of a Populus trichocarpa Pedigree Using High-Throughput Pyrolysis-Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry Harman-Ware, A.E., Macaya-Sans, D., Abeyratne, C.R., Doeppke, C., Haiby, K., Tuskan, G.A., Stanton, B., DiFazio, S.P., Davis, M.F.
2020-06-16 Angewandte Chemie A Glycan Array-Based Assay for the Identification and Characterization of Plant Glycosyltransferases Ruprecht, C., Bartetzko, M.P., Senf, D., Lakhina, A., Smith, P.J., Soto, M.J., Oh, H., Yang, J.‐Y., Chapla, D., Varon Silva, D., Clausen, M.H., Hahn, M.G., Moremen, K.W., Urbanowicz, B.R., Pfrengle, F.
2020-06-16 Molecules Water-Dependent Blending of Pectin Films: The Mechanics of Conjoined Biopolymers Zheng, Y., Pierce, A., Wagner, W.L., et al.
2020-06-16 Methods in Cell Biology Heterologous expression of plant glycosyltransferases for biochemistry and structural biology Prabhakar, P.K., Wang, H.T., Smith, P.J., Yang, J.Y., Barnes, W.J., Peña, M.J., Moremen, K.W., Urbanowicz, B. R.
2020-06-16 ACS Omega Nanocellulose-Based Sustainable Dyeing of Cotton Textiles with Minimized Water Pollution Liyanapathiranage, A., Peña, M.J., Sharma, S., Minko, S.
2020-06-16 ACS Synthetic Biology  Harnessing natural modularity of metabolism with goal attainment optimization to design a modular chassis cell for production of diverse chemicals Garcia, S., Trinh, C.T.
2020-06-15 Biotechnology and Bioengineering Endogenous carbohydrate esterases of Clostridium thermocellum are identified and disrupted for enhanced isobutyl acetate production from cellulose Seo, H, Nicely, PN, Trinh, CT.
2020-06-15 BMC Genomics P finder: genomic and metagenomic annotation of RNase P RNA gene (rnpB) Ellis, J.C.
2020-05-21 Front. Energy Res. Developing a Cell-Free Extract Reaction (CFER) system in Clostridium thermocellum to identify metabolic limitations to ethanol production Cui, J., Stevenson, D., Korosh, T., Amador-Noguez, D., Olson, D.G., Lynd, L.R.
2020-05-15 Polymers Lignin as a UV Light Blocker—A Review Sadeghifar, H., Ragauskas, A.
2020-05-14 Frontiers in Plant Science Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of lignin biosynthesis pathway genes in Populus Zhang, J., Tuskan, G.A., Tschaplinski, T., Muchero, W.,  Chen, J.
2020-05-14 Natural Product Reports Engineering biosynthetic enzymes for industrial natural product synthesis Galanie, S., Entwistle, D., Lalonde, J.
2020-05-05 Trends in Plant Science Transgenic Poplar Designed for Biofuels Bryant, N.D., Pu, Y., Tschaplinski, T.J., Tuskan, G.A., Muchero, M., Kalluri, U.C., Yoo, C.G., Ragauskas, A.J.
2020-04-27 Nature Communications Development of a thermophilic coculture for corn fiber conversion to ethanol Beri, D., York, W.S., Lynd, L.R. et al.
2020-04-07 PNAS Outer membrane vesicles catabolize lignin-derived aromatic compounds in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 Salvachúa, D., Werner, A.Z., Pardoa, I., Michalskac, M., Black, B.A., Donohoe, B.S., Haugen, S.J., Katahira, R., Notonier, S., Ramirez, K.J, Amore, A., Purvine, S.O., Zink, E.M., Abraham, P.E., Giannone, R.J., Poudel, S., Laible, P.D., Hettich, R.L., Bec
2020-04-07 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering "Enhancing enzyme-mediated hydrolysis of mechanical pulps by deacetylation and delignification" Wu, J., Chandra, R.P., Kim, K.H., Kim, S.K., Pu, Y., Ragauskas, A.J., Saddler, J.N.
2020-04-01 Plant Cell Reports Lipofection-mediated genome editing using DNA-free delivery of the Cas9/gRNA ribonucleoprotein into plant cells Liu, W., Rudis, M.R., Cheplick, M.H., Millwood, R.J., Yang, J-P,, Ondzighi-Assoume, C.A., Montgomery, G.A., Burris, K.P., Mazarei, M., Chesnut, J.D., Stewart, C.N. Jr.
2020-04-01 Euphytica  Development and field assessment of transgenic hybrid switchgrass for improved biofuel traits Alexander, L., Hatcher, C., Mazarei, M. et al.
2020-04-01 APS Publications Nitrogen Fertilization Reduces Nitrogen Fixation Activity of Diverse Diazotrophs in Switchgrass Roots Bahulikar, R.A., Chaluvadi, S.R., Torres-Jerez, I., Mosali, J., Bennetzen, J.L., Udvardi, M.
2020-03-31 Plant Cell (in revision accepted at Plant Cell) 4/2/2020 Structure of the Xylan O-Acetyltransferase AtXOAT1 Reveals Molecular Insight into Polysaccharide Acetylation in Plants Lunin, V., Wang, H. T., Bharadwaj, V. S., Alahuhta, P., Peña, M. J., Yang, J. Y., Archer-Hartmann, S. A., Azadi, P. A., Himmel, M. E., Moremen, K. W., York, W. S. Bomble, Y. J., Urbanowicz, B. R.
2020-03-31 Biotechnology for Biofuels Gene targets for engineering osmotolerance in Caldicellulosiruptor bescii Sander, K.B., Chung, D., Klingeman, D.M. et al.
2020-03-31 Genes "A High-Performance Computing Implementation of Iterative Random Forest for the Creation of Predictive Expression Networks" Cliff, A., Romero, J., Kainer, D., Walker, A., Furches, A., Jacobson, D.
2020-03-31 SLAS Analytical Techniques for Determining the Role of Domain of Unknown Function 579 Proteins in the Synthesis of O-Methylated Plant Polysaccharides Smith, P. J., O’Neill, M. A., Backe, J., York, W. S., Peña, M. J., & Urbanowicz, B. R.
2020-03-31 Genome Biology A willow sex chromosome reveals convergent evolution of complex palindromic repeats Zhou, R., Macaya-Sanz, D., Carlson, C.H. et al.
2020-03-31 Microbial Pathogenesis Novel derivatives of plant monomeric phenolics: act as inhibitors of bacterial cell-to-cell communication Srivastava N., Tiwari S., Bhandari K., Biswal A.K., Rawat, A.K.S.
2020-03-31 The Plant Journal SNPeffect: Identifying Functional Roles of SNPs using Metabolic Networks Sarker, D., Maranas, C.
2020-03-31 Genome Biology The somatic genetic and epigenetic mutation rate in a wild long-lived perennial Populus trichocarpa Hofmeister, B.T., Denkena, J., Colomé-Tatché, M., Shahryary, Y., Hazarika, R., Grimwood, J., Mamidi, S., Jenkins, J., Grabowski, P.P., Sreedasyam, A., Shu, S., Barry, K., Lail, K., Adam, C., Lipzen, A., Sorek, R., Kudrna, D., Talag, J., Wing, R., Hall, D.
2020-03-31 The FEBS Journal Glycosylation of hyperthermostable designer cellulosome components yields enhanced stability and cellulose hydrolysis Kahn, A., Moraïs, S., Chung, D., Sarai, N.S., Hengge, N.N., Kahn, A., Himmel, M.E., Bayer, E.A., Bomble, Y.J.
2020-03-31 Biotechnology for Biofuels Metabolic and evolutionary responses of Clostridium thermocellum to genetic interventions aimed at improving ethanol production Holwerda, E.K., Olson, D.G., Ruppertsberger, N.M. et al.
2020-03-31 Bioresource Technology "The critical role of lignin in lignocellulosic biomass conversion and recent pretreatment strategies: A comprehensive review" Yoo, C.G., Meng, X., Pu, Y., Ragauskas, A.J.
2020-03-31 mSystems "In Vivo Thermodynamic Analysis of Glycolysis in Clostridium thermocellum and Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum Using 13C and 2H Tracers" Jacobson TB, Korosh TK, Stevenson DM, Foster C, Maranas C, Olson DG, Lynd LR, Amador-Noguez D.
2020-03-31 Plant Physiology Targeting root ion uptake kinetics to increase plant productivity and nutrient use efficiency Griffiths, M., York, L.M.
2020-03-25 Chemistry Select 2D HSQC Chemical Shifts of Impurities from Biomass Pretreatment Bryant, N., Yoo, C., Pu, Y., Ragauskas, A.J.
2020-03-14 GigaScience Light-responsive expression atlas reveals the effects of light quality and intensity in Kalanchoë fedtschenkoi, a plant with crassulacean acid metabolism Zhang, J. Hu, R., Sreedasyam, A., Garcia, T., Lipzen, A., Wang, M., Yerramsetty, P., Liu, D., Ng, V., Schmutz, J., Cushman, J., Borland, A., Pasha, A., Provart, N., Chen, J.G., Muchero, W., Tuskan, G.A., Yang, X.
2020-03-02 Metabolic Enineering Communications Conversion of phosphoenolpyruvate to pyruvate in Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum Cui, J., Olson, D., Lynd, L.
2020-03-02 Journal of Biological Chemistry The pentose phosphate pathway of cellulolytic clostridia relies on 6-phosphofructokinase instead of transaldolase Koendjbiharie J.G., Hon S., Pabst M., Hooftman R., Stevenson D.M., Jingxuan Cui, Amador-Noguez D., Lynd L.R., Olson D.G., and van Kranenburg R.
2020-03-02 Journal of Experimental Botany CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Targeted Mutagenesis for Functional Genomics Research of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Plants Liu, D., Chen, Mei, C., Mendoza, B., Cheng, H., Hu, R., Li, L., Trinh, C.T., Tuskan, G.A., Yang, X.
2020-03-02 ChemSusChem Heterogeneous Catalyst Design Principles for the Conversion of Lignin into High Value Commodity Fuels and Chemicals Gale, M., Cai, C.M., Abdul-Aziz, K.
2020-03-02 Current Opinion in Biotechnology Can exascale computing and explainable artificial intelligence applied to plant biology deliver on the United Nations sustainable development goals? Streich, J., Romero, J., Gazolla, J.G.F.M., Kainer, D., Cliff, A., Prates, E.T., Brown, J.B., Khoury, S., Tuskan, G.A., Garvin, M., Jacobson, D., and Harfouche, A.L.
2020-03-02 Plant Direct Identification of functional single nucleotide polymorphism of Populus trichocarpa PtrEPSP‐TF and determination of its transcriptional effect Xie, M., Zhang, J., Singan, V.R., McGranahan, M.J., LaFayette, P.R., Jawdy, S.S., Engle, N., Doeppke, C., Tschaplinski, T.J., Davis, M.F., Lindquist E., Barry, K., Schmuta, J., Parrott, W.A., Chen, F., Tuskan, G.A., Chen, J.G., Muchero, W.
2020-02-28 Chemical Catalysts for Biomass Upgrading Conversion of Terpenes to Chemicals and Related Products Harman‐Ware, A.E.
2020-02-28 In Press Analysis of Segregation Ratio Distortion and Linkage Mapping in Two Switchgrass F1 Populations: Lowland-lowland and Lowland-upland Using Genotyping by Sequencing Data Razar, R., Devos, K., Missaoui, A.
2020-02-27 BMC Chemical Engineering Engineering microbial chemical factories using metabolic models Sarkar, D., Maranas, C.D.
2020-02-27 Metabolic Engineering Communications K-FIT: An accelerated kinetic parameterization algorithm using steady-state fluxomic data Gopalakrishnan, S.; Dash, S.; Maranas, C.D.
2020-02-27 Biofuels Bioproducts and Biorefining (BIOFUEL BIOPROD BIOR) Lignin‐derived electrochemical energy materials and systems Wu, X., Jiang, J., Wang, C., Liu, J., Pu, Y., Ragauskas, A.J, Li, S., Yang, B.
2020-02-06 Frontiers in Plant Science Epigenetic footprints of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in plants Lee, J.H., Mazarei, M., Pfotenhauer, A.C., Dorrough, A.B., Poindexter, M.R., Hewezi, T. Lenaghan, S.C., Graham, D.W., and Stewart Jr., C.N.
2020-02-06 International Journal of Molecular Science Occurrence of Thermophilic microorganisms in different full scale biogas plants Kushkevych, I., Cejnar, J., Vitezova, M., Vitez, T., Dordevic, D., and Bomble Y.J.
2020-01-29 Current Opinion in Biotechnology Towards renewable flavors, fragrances, and beyond Lee, J-W., Trinh, C.T.
2020-01-28 PNAS Arabidopsis dehiscence aone polygalacturonase 1 (ADPG1) releases latent defense signals in stems with reduced lignin content Gallego-Giraldo, L., Liu, C., Pose-Albacete, S., Pattathil, S., Peralta, A.G., Young, J., Westpheling, J., Hahn, M.G., Rao, X., Knox, J.P., De Meester, B., Boerjan, W., and Dixon, R.A.
2020-01-21 Nature Sustainability Socio-environmental and land-use impacts of double-cropped maize ethanol in Brazil Moreira, M.M.R., Seabra, J.E.A., Lynd, L.R., Arantes, S.M., Cunha, M.P., and Guilhoto, J.J.M.
2020-01-20 Plants Current progress in nitrogen fixing plants and microbiome research Mahmud, K., Makaju, S., Ibrahim, and Missaoui, A.
2020-01-17 BioDesign Research Biodesign Research to Advance the Principles and Applications of Biosystems Design Yang, X., Qi, L.S., Jaramillo, A., and Cheng Z.M.
2020-01-16 Global Change Biology Assessment of yield gaps on global grazed-only permanent pasture using climate binning Monteiro, L.A., Allee, A.M., Campbell, E.E., Lynd, L.R., Soares, J.R., Jaiswal, D., de Castro Oliveira, J., dos Santos Vianna, M., Morishige, A.E., Figueiredo, G.K.D.A., Lamparelli, R.A.C., Mueller, N.D., Gerber, J., Cortez, L.A.B., and Sheehan, J.J.
2020-01-03 Metabolic Engineering Communications Development of both type I-B and type II CRISPR/Cas genome editing systems in the cellulolytic bacterium Clostridium thermocellum Walker, J.E., Lanahan, A.A., Zheng, T., Toruno, C., Lynd, L.R., Cameron, J.C., Olson, D.G., and Eckert, C.A.
2020-01-03 BioEnergy Research Biomass recalcitrance in willow under two biological conversion paradigms: enzymatic hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion Ohlsson, J.A., Harman-Ware, A.E., Sandgren, M., and Schnurer, A.
2020-01-02 Green Chemistry Synthetic fungal multifunctional cellulases for enhanced biomass conversion Brunecky, R., Subramanian, V., Yarbrough, J.M., Donohoe, B.S., Vinzant, T.B., Vanderwall, T.A., Knott, B.C., Chaudhari, Y.B., Bomble, Y.J., Himmel, M.E., and Decker, S.R.
2019-11-25 PNAS Technoeconomic and life-cycle analysis of single-step catalytic conversion of wet ethanol into fungible fuel blendstocks Hannon, J.R., Lynd, L.R., Andrade, O., Benavides, P.T., Beckham, G.T., Biddy, M.J., Brown, N., Chagas, M.F., Davison, B.H., Foust, T., Junqueira, T.L., Laser, M.S., Li, Z., Richard, T., Tao, L., Tuskan, G.A., Wang, M.
2019-11-18 BMC Plant Biology PdWND3A, a wood-associated NAC domain-containing protein, affects lignin biostynthesis and composition in Populus Yang, Y., Yoo, C-G., Rottmann, W., Winkeler, K.A., Collins, C.M., Gunter, L.E., Jawdy, S.S., Yang, X., Pu, Y., Raguskas, A.J., Tuskan, G.A., and Chen, J-G.
2019-11-12 Open Biology Lignin biosynthesis: old roads revisted and new roads explored Dixon, R.A., and Barros, J.
2019-11-01 PNAS Passive membrane transport of lignin-related compounds Vermaas, J.V., Dixon, R.A., Chen, F., Mansfield, S.D., Boerjan, W., Ralph, J., Crowley, M.F., and Beckham, G.T.
2019-10-22 Global Change Biology Analysis of yield gaps on global grazed-only permanent pasture using climate binning Monteiro, L.A., Allee, A.M., Campbell, E.E., Lynd, L.R., Soares, J.R., Jaiswal, D., de C. Oliverira, J., dos Santos Viannna, M., Morishige, A.E., K.D.A. Figueiredo, G., Lamparelli, R.A.C., Mueller, N.D., Gerber, J., A. B. Cortez, L., and Sheehan, J.J.
2019-10-19 Bioresource Technology Structural changes of lignins in natural Populus variants during different pretreatments Yang, H., Yoo, C.G., Meng, X., Pu, Y., Muchero, W., Tuskan, G.A., Tschaplinski, T.J., Ragauskas, A.J., and Yao, L.
2019-10-03 Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences Plant fucosyltransferases and the emerging biological importance of fucosylated plant structures Soto, M.J., Urbanowicz, B.R., and Hahn, M.G.
2019-10-01 Biotechnology for Biofuels Single mutation at a highly conserved region of chloramphenicol acetyltransferase enables isobutyl acetate production directly from cellulose by Clostridium thermocellum at elevated temperatures Seo, H., Lee, J., Garcia, S., and Trinh, C.T.
2019-09-30 Comprehensive Biotechnology Fundamentals and industrial applicability of multifunctional CAZyme systems Sarai, N.S., Himmel, M.E., Bomble, Y.J., Kahn, A., and Bayer, E.A.
2019-09-30 Understanding Lignocellulose: Synergistic Computational and Analytic Methods Exploring molecular mechanisms of cosolvent enhanced biomass deconstruction: an overview of recent progress Mostofian, B., Petridis, L., and Cai, C.M.
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2018-09-11 Biotechnology for Biofuels Expressing the thermoanaerobacterium saccharolticum pforA in engineereed Clostridium thermocellum improves ethanol production Hon, S., Holwerda, E.K., Worthen, R.S., Maloney, M.I., Tian, L., Cui, J., Lin, P.L., Lynd, L.R., Olson, D.G.
2018-09-11 Metabolic Engineering Engineering a spermidine biosynthetic pathway in Clostridium thermocellum results in increased resistance to furans and increased ethanol production Kim, S-K., Westpheling, J.
2018-09-10 Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Transcriptomic and proteomic changes from medium supplementation and strain evolution in high-yielding Clostridium thermocellum strains Papanek, B., O'Dell, K.B., Manga, P., Giannone, R.J., Klingeman, D.M. Hettich, R.L., Brown, S.D., Guss, A.M.
2018-09-10 Energy & Fuels Methods and Challenges in the determination of molecular weight metrics of bio-oils Harman-Ware, A.E., Ferrell III, J.R.
2018-08-27 Chemistry Select Communication Topochemical understanding of lignin distribution during hydrothermal flowthrough pretreatment Jung, S., Trajano, H.L., Yoo, C.G., Foston, M.B., Hu, F., Tolbert, A.K., Wyman, C.E., Ragauskas, A.J
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2018-08-21 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Reductive Catalytic Fractionation of C-Lignin Stone, M.L., Anderson, E.M., Meek, K.M., Reed, M., Katahira, R., Chen, F., Dixon, R.A., Beckham, G.T., Roman-Leshkov, Y.
2018-08-21 PLOS ONE Defining the genetic components of callus formation: A GWAS approach Tuskan, G.A., Mewalal, R., Gunter, L.E., Palla, K.J., Carter, K., Jacobson, D.A., Jones, P.C., Garcia, B.J., Weighill, D.A., Hyatt, P.D., Yang, Y., Zhang, J., Reis, N., Chen, J-G., Muchero, W.
2018-08-21 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Characterization and catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis of deep eutectic solvent extracted sorghum lignin to phenolic compounds Das, L., Li, M., Stevens, J., Li, W., Pu, Y., Ragauskas, A.J., Shi, J.
2018-08-13 BMC Genomics Diel rewiring and positive selection of ancient plant proteins enabled evolution of CAM photosynthesis in Agave Yin, H., Guo, H-B., Weston, D.J., Borland, A.M., Ranjan, P., Abraham, P.E., Jawdy, S.S., Wachira, J., Tuskan, G.A., Tschaplinski, T.J., Wullschleger, S.D., Guo, H., Hettich, R.L., Gross, S.M., Wang, Z., Visel, A., Yang, X.
2018-07-30 Current Protocols Environmental isolation and whole-genome sequencing of Campylobacter Kelley, B.R., Ellis, J., Hyatt, D., Jacobson, D., Johnson, J.
2018-07-30 Metabolic Engineering Communications Harnessing a P450 fatty acid decorboxylase from Macrococcus caseolyticus for microbial biosynthesis of odd chain terminal alkenes Lee, J-W., Niraula, N.P., Trinh, C.T.
2018-07-20 Metabolic Engineering Multiobjective strain design: a framework for modular cell engineering Garcia, S., and Trinh, C.T.
2018-07-17 AIChE Journal Novel multi-domain, multi-functional glycoside hydrolases from highly lignocellulolytic Caldicellulosiruptor species Conway, J.M., Crosby, J.R., Hren, A.P., Southerland, R.T., Lee, L.L., Lunin, V.V., Alahuhta, P., Himmel, M.E., Bomble, Y.J., Adams, M.W.W., Kelly, R.M.
2018-07-16 Green Chemistry Cellulose-hemicellulose interactions at elevated temperatures increase cellulose recalcitrance to biological conversion Kumar, R., Bhagia, S., Smith, M.D., Petridis, L., Ong, R.G., Cai, C.M., Mittal, A., Himmel, M.H., Balan V., Dale, B.E., Ragauskas, A.J., Smith, J.C., Wyman, C.E.
2018-07-16 New Phytologist Genome-wide association studies and expression-based quantitative trait loci analyses reveal roles of HCT2 in caffeoylquinic acid biosynthesis and its regulation by defense-responsive transcription factors in Populus Zhang, J., Yang, Y., Zheng, K., Xie, M., Feng, K., Jawdy, S.S., Gunter, L.E., Ranjan, P., Singan, V.R., Engle, N., Lindquist, E., Barry, K., Schmutz, J., Zhao, N., Tschaplinski, T.J., LeBoldus, J., Tuskan, G.A., Chen, J-G., Muchero, W.
2018-07-12 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Chemical transformations of poplar lignin during c0-solvent enhanced lignocellulosic fractionation process Meng, X., Parikh, A., Seemala, B., Kumar, R., Cai, C.M., Ragauskas, A.J.
2018-07-02 Genes, Genomes and Genetics A variable polyglutamine repeat affects subcellular localization and regulatory activity of a Populus ANGUSTIFOLIA protein Bryan, A.C., Zhang, J, Guo, J., Ranjan, P., Singan, V., Barry, K., Schmutz, J., Weighill, D., Jacobson, D., Jawdy, S., Tuskan, G.A., Chen, J-C., Muchero, W.
2018-07-02 New Phytologist Elicitors and defense gene induction in plants with altered lignin compositions Gallego-Giraldo, L., Pose, S., Pattathil, S., Peralta, A.G., Hahn, M.G., Ayre, B.G., Sunuwar, J., Herandez, J., Patel, M., Shah, J., Rao, X., Knox, J.P., Dixon, R.A.
2018-07-02 Genes, Genomes and Genetics Accuracy of genomic prediction for foliar terpene traits in eucalyptus polybractea Kainer, D., Stone, E.A., Padovan, A., Foley, W.J., Kulheim, C.
2018-06-19 Biotechnology Journal CRISPR-enabled tools for engineering microbial genomes and phenotypes Tarasava, K., Oh, E.J., Eckert, C.A., Gill, R.T.
2018-06-14 Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Deletion of the Clostridium thermocellum recA gene reveals that it is required for thermophilic plasmid replication but not plasmid integration at homologous DNA sequences Groom, J., Chung, C., Kim, S-K., Guss, A., and Westpheling, J.
2018-06-05 The Plant Cell A 5-enolpyruvylshikimate 3-phosphate synthase functions as a transcriptional repressor in Populus Xie, M., Muchero, W., Bryan, A.C., Yee, K., Guo, H-B., Zhang, J., Tschaplinski, T.J., Singan, V.R., Lindquist, E., Payyavula, R.S., Barros-Rios, J., Dixon, R., Engle, N., Sykes, R.W., Davis, M., Jawdy, S.S., Gunter, L.E., Thompson, O., DiFazio, S.P., Evans, M., Winkeler, K., Collins, C., Schmutz, J., Guo, H., Kalluri, U., Rodriguez, M., Feng, K., Chen, J-G., Tuskan, G.A.
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2018-04-18 Metabolic Engineering Communications Identification of parallel and divergent optimization solutions for homologous metabolic enzymes Standaert, R.F., Giannone, R.J., Michener, J.K.
2018-04-17 Energy and Environmental Science Thermochemical wastewater valorization via enhanced microbial toxicity tolerance Jayakody, L.N., Johnson, C.W., Whitham, J.M., Giannone, R.J., Black, B.A., Cleveland, N.S., Klingeman, D.M., Michener, W.E., Olstad, J.L., Vardon, D.R., Brown, R.C., Brown, S.D., Hettich, R.L., Guss, A.M., Beckham, G.T.
2018-04-12 PLOS One The redox-sensing protein Rex modulates ethanol production in Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum Zheng, T., Lanahan, A.A., Lynd, L.R., Olson, D.G.
2018-04-11 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Fast Fractionation of Technical Lignins by Organic Cosolvents Yun-Yan Wang, Mi Li, Charles E. Wyman, Charles M. Cai, Arthur J. Ragauskas
2018-04-10 Green Chemistry Recent advances in understanding the pseudo-lignin formation in a lignocellulosic biorefinery Somnath D. Shinde, Xianzhi Meng, Rajeev Kumarbcd, Arthur J. Ragauskas
2018-04-06 Frontiers in Energy Research Pleiotropic and Epistatic Network-Based Discovery: Integrated Networks for Target Gene Discove Weighill, D., Sykes, R., Zhao, N., Martin, M., DiFazio, S., Tschaplinski, T., Tuskan, G.A, Jacobson, D., Macaya Sanz, D., Sreedasyam, A., Schmutz, J., Muchero, W., Ranjan, P., Shah, M., Jones, P.
2018-04-04 Biochemical Society Transactions Exploring the combinatorial space of complete pathways to chemicals Lin Wang, Chiam Yu Ng, Satyakam Dash, Costas D. Maranas
2018-03-23 Biotechnology for Biofuels The diversity and specificity of the extracellular proteome in the cellulolytic bacterium Caldicellulosiruptor bescii is driven by the nature of the cellulosic growth substrate Poudel, S., Giannone, R.J., Basen, M., Nookaew, I., Poole II, F.L., Kelly, R.M., Adams, M.W.W., Hettich, R.L.
2018-03-19 Frontiers in Plant Science Current Models for Transcriptional Regulation of Secondary Cell Wall Biosynthesis in Grasses Rao, X., Dixon, R.A.
2018-03-01 Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems Phenotyping Winter Dormancy in Switchgrass to Extend the Growing Season and Improve Biomass Yield Rasyidah Mohamad Razar, Ali Missaoui
2018-02-20 New Phytologist Identification of an algal xylan synthase indicates that there is functional orthology between algal and plant cell wall biosynthesis Jensen, J.K., Busse-Wicher, M., Pulsen, C.P., Fangel, J.U., Smith, P.J., Yang, J-Y., Pena, M.J., Dinesen, M.H., Martens, H.J., Melkonian, M., Wong, G.K-S., Moremen, K.W., Wilkerson, C.G., Scheller, H.V., Dupree, P., Ulvskov, P., Urbanowicz, B.R., Harholt, J.
2018-02-15 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Significance of lignin S/G ratio in biomass recalcitrance of Populus trichocarpa variants for bioethanol production Yoo, C.G., Dumitrache, A., Muchero, W., Natzke, J., Akinosho, H., Li, M., Sykes, R.W., Brown, S.D., Davison, B.H., Tuskan, G.A., Pu, Y., Ragauskas, A.J.
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2018-02-12 Nature Biotechnology Sugar release and growth of biofuel crops are improved by downregulation of pectin biosynthesis Biswal, A.K., Atmodjo, M.A., Li, M., Baxter, H.L., Yoo, C.G., Pu, Y.J., Lee, Y-C., Mazarei, M., Black, I.M., Zhang, J-Y., Ramanna, H., Bray, A.L., King, Z.R., LaFayette, P.R., Pattathil, S., Donohoe, B.S., Mohanty, S.S., Ryno, D., Yee, K., Thompson, O.A.,
2018-02-06 Biotechnology for Biofuels High activity CAZyme cassette for improving biomass degradation in thermophiles Roman Brunecky, Daehwan Chung, Nicholas S. Sarai, Neal Hengge, Jordan F. Russell, Jenna Young, Ashutosh Mittal, Patthar Pason, Todd Vander Wall, William Michener, Todd Shollenberger, Janet Westpheling, Michael E. Himmel and Yannick J. Bomble
2018-01-31 ChemBioChem Analyzing Xyloglucan Endotransglycosylases by Incorporating Synthetic Oligosaccharides into Plant Cell Walls Ruprecht, C., Dallabermardina, P., Smith, P.J, Urbanowicz, B.R., Pfrengle, F.
2018-01-14 Biotechnology for Biofuels Working towards recalcitrance mechanisms: increased xylan and homogalacturonan production by overexpression of GAlactUronosylTransferase12 (GAUT12) causes increased recalcitrance and decreased growth in Populus Biswal, A.K., Atmodjo, M.A., Pattathil, S., Amos, R.A., Yang, X., Winkeler, K., Collins, C., Mohanty, S.S., Ryno, D., Tan, L., Gelineo-Albersheim, I., Hunt, K., Sykes, R.W., Turner, G.B., Ziebell, A., Davis, M.F., Decker, S.R., Hahn, M.G., Mohnen, D.
2018-01-12 Nature Comunications Pathway design using de novo steps through uncharted biochemical spaces Akhil Kumar , Lin Wang, Chiam Yu Ng, Costas D. Maranas

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